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MITZIE BANTON, Youth Director Feature of Ifcfchurch in Fort-Lauderdale FL.

The International Faith Christian Fellowship Church, which has branches in Florida and New York in the United States, as well as in Jamaica, is blessed to have as its youth director, Mitzie Banton. She became a Christian 13 years ago when she was only 13 years old, and she has not looked back since.

Banton proudly told THE STAR that she loves to work for the Lord as her reward is sure when her Maker returns. Admitting that she was a rounded individual who was always on the quiet side before she gave her life to the Lord, Banton noted that she grew up in the church.

"I was always on the quiet side. I grew up in the church; I was saved but not rooted and grounded," confessed the youth director.

Although she got saved at 13, the age when it is said that children start to get unruly, Banton admitted that she was able to put unruly behaviour behind her and focus on God while not allowing anything or anyone to distract her.


Young people

Banton said that the job she currently does for God as youth director in the two countries is not easy, as it comes with several challenges. She noted that being a youth director for churches in the three areas is a lot of work, as she has to ensure that activities are implemented in all branches.

Despite the hard work associated with her job description in the International Faith Christian Fellowship Church, she wants to continue working for the one who created her.

"If I should live my life over and I was asked to serve again as youth director, I would do so. I would do it again, because I really love the young people. I interact with them a lot and they trust me. They always seem to want to run come to Sister Mitzie; and I really can deal with them regardless of what they are going through. I am always having a good rapport with them," bragged the youth leader.

Banton, like other youth leaders, does not believe that youths who are Christians are perfect. She pointed out that, like any other youth they go through several things, and peer pressure is among them.

"Regardless if they are saved or not, they go through their different issues, and so it is my duty as well as other leaders who are in my capacity, to find ways and means of reaching them. So it is not easy for them to simply go through as Christians because they are saved," explained Banton.


Various activities

She suggested that in order for the young people in the church to remain focused, church leaders should strive to get them involved as much as possible in the various activities of the church, keep them busy, and get to know them in order to get an understanding of the things they like.

Banton, who has been a youth director for 10 years, believes God called her. She is convinced that this is so because of how the Holy Spirit has been using her to get things done.

"The way how I operate tells me that I am called by God. Sometimes, what I go through, especially when it comes on to young people, with the way some of them behave; only if you are called by God you are able to deal with them," pointed out Banton.

She wants all church leaders who are quick to remove young people from their congregation or read them out of the church whenever they misbehave or make mistakes, to understand that when they do such things it can be very difficult for not only the young people, but for church leaders as well.

"I want to tell pastors who are quick to read young people out of the church that 'you are not God'; and your job is to restore and not to push people out. We have to pray for them, we have to love them and encourage them," suggested Banton.


   Youth Director Feature

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