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It is often said that one can never be too young to serve the Lord. Well, Bishop Evan Grant, who hails from Lucea in Hanover, can easily identify with this statement.

"At the age of 14 God called me to the ministry. I worked in the New Testament Church of God and I pastored churches before migrating to New York, where I pastored my first church outside of Jamaica," testified Bishop Grant.

Now pastor for the International Faith Christian Fellowship Church, Grant led flocks in the New Testament Church of God at Park Mountain and Content in Westmoreland, Garlands and Vaughnsfield in St James, and in Stony Hill, St Andrew.

Bishop Grant, who stressed that he love to work for the Lord, said now that he is serving as a Jamaican pastor in New York, he loves the work which his Maker has called him to do. He believes that he could not have enjoyed anything better than working for God.

He pointed out that when he met Christ at the age of 14 years, he was a sickly child. Grant explained that he was always going to the doctor for injections to help improve his health condition, but to no avail, because they were not helping him.

"Doctors just could not find the complaint. One night I was lying down, and an angel of the Lord just appeared to me. I got up same time and He called me by my name; and from there I just started to preach the Gospel," explained the church leader.


Making life

Bishop Grant pointed out that when he just started out as a pastor at a church at Eglington in Hanover, he had only three members, which made life for him very difficult, as there was very little offering and tithes to help his ministry. This, he said, caused him to harbour thoughts of giving up and getting out of ministry.

"I felt like giving up, but I remember songs which we used to sing at 65 Waltham Park Road, 'Where He leads me I will follow', and 'I will go without a murmur and His footstep follow still'; and those songs encouraged me to hold on," said Bishop Grant.

The preacher, who has been in the pastorate for over 30 years now, told THE STAR that he faced several challenges as a pastor, especially when persons promised him that they were willing to go the last mile of the way with him; and upon reaching a short part of the journey they pulled out.


More challenges

He recalled even more challenges associated with his ministry, particularly on one occasion when he was walking home from church at Content in Westmoreland and the rain came and soaked him. This problem of him walking home, he said, was solved when members of his congregation decided to donate land and material to have a house built for him.

"One night at about 12 o'clock the Lord called me by my name and said, 'Evan I am going to give you a car'. I started to question God as to where this car was coming from. About three weeks later, I was standing at a bus stop when a man and his wife came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, stopped at my feet and said God sent them all the way from that state to buy me a car. That was in 1982," said Grant.

The persevering Grant said that under the leading of the Holy Ghost, he learnt to endure long-suffering. He wants pastors to know that they should make sure that if they decide to do the work of a pastor that they are called by God. He added that if one is not called by God to work as a pastor, it does not make any sense going into ministry.

Bishop Grant, who has a church in Clarendon and is about to establish another in St Ann, has been hosting treats for the needy in parts of Jamaica, and wants everyone to know that ministry in Jamaica is not easy. He stressed that if there are not persons to work with, it can be very difficult. He said it takes money to help the needy; and with this in mind, he wants companies at home and abroad to get on board along with churches to help.

"Let's get together and help those unfortunate children who are in need of help. Many of them have the ability and potential, but they need help," noted Bishop Grant.


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IFCFChurch is spreading the word across the world. Keep in touch with the Fellowship by joining us on any of the sites to your right.


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